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If it shows a spike in text or data usage that is way out of line with what you would normally expect to see, that's another potential sign that someone may have hacked your phone. It can take a little sleuthing to find out if you're really dealing with a phone tap or just random glitches that pop up every now and then during a call.

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If you've only noticed one of the signs listed above, then you may not be dealing with a spy app or other tapping device. But if you are encountering multiple red flags, then you may indeed have someone listening in on your calls.

Share Pin Email. Rose de Fremery has been writing about technology since You'll want to check for other signs of unusual activity on your phone as well. Your phone should be quiet when it is not in use.

If you hear unusual sounds like beeping, clicking, or static even when you are not in the midst of a phone call, your phone may be tapped. If it finds sounds several times in one minute, your phone may be tapped. Consider how often you've been using your phone.

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If so, then that may be the reason you need to charge your phone more frequently. There are other apps such as Battery Life and Coconut Battery that can give you detailed information on what's consuming your battery life and how to extend your battery life. If your phone's battery is over a year old, it may be less capable of holding a charge. In that case, there are steps you can take to improve your cell phone battery life. Your phone's battery warms up when it's being used. If your phone is hotter than usual, particularly if you haven't been using it, that may be a sign that something's amiss.

When shutting down your phone, check to see if the shutdown fails or the back-light stays on even after you have completed the shutdown process. Of course, other glitches may cause a smartphone to have trouble shutting down. If you recently installed an update on your phone and it has begun acting strangely, that may be the reason why.

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If you receive weird SMS text messages from unknown senders that contain a garbled series of letters and numbers, this is a major sign that someone may be attempting to tap your phone. Some tapping apps receive their commands via coded SMS messages. Some things parents must know include:. With Highster mobile, you can now have the power to tap a cell phone and monitor its contents.

Before doing anything, you must purchase the right Highster Mobile product for you. The installation process for our products does differ for Android and iPhone devices.

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To install on iPhone:. The only thing you cannot do is listen on and record phone calls, as it is illegal!

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Thanks for checking out our guide! For all of your cell phone tapping needs, you can trust on Highster Mobile!

What Is Phone Tapping? Some things parents must know include: Who they are talking and messaging with.

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What apps they use. What websites they visit. To install on Android: Open the OTA over-the-air link you receive from us on the phone you want to tap.