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Equipped with the latest advanced SirF Star III chip for better accuracy and its unbelievable size of a pager, almost unnoticeable when placed at hidden place. General Specifications 1. But the position accuracy would be metres.

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General Specifications 2. Conventional Tracker requires a monitoring center to go through several processes to locate the position. If your cell phone is stolen, you will be able to know the details of new SIM cards being inserted inside your stolen phone, and the other party will not know about this capability. Imagine losing important message details, CI Intelligent Cell Phone will keep a back-up copy of both incoming and outgoing messages.

Your cell phone acts like a normal cell phone without anyone knowing that you have kept backup copies of messages.

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Another advantage is CI Intelligent Cell Phone could remotely delete the important data like contacts, messages, images, pictures and videos clips in your cell phone if it is stolen. This is extremely important if confidential information is stored inside your cell phone. CI Remote Video Here we are talking about covert video; it could be in many forms like cell phone, alarm clocks, etc, works perfectly and it could work either standalone or power connected.

Small in size, 2 x 4 x 1 inches.

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CI Security Monitoring Device 01 You could place the device inside your house, your own office, or even inside the car. You will be able to listen remotely on any conversation. The device will also record any sound it detects. Once your child follows the invitation link and accepts the request both of you will be connected to each other in a private network so you can locate them in every location.

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This app is not a spying or secret surveillance solution and the app can not be installed remotely or secretly. To join this service the user has to install the app himself and he has to accept the location sharing request. The user can stop tracking at any time by a single tap. We love to hear from customers. If you have an issue or suggestion, please send an email to: support onelocator.

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Phone number location tracker malaysia

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